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Giants launched a new stand concept at the Nice One Barcelona gaming event that generated more than 5,000 leads for our partners.

In 2022, Giants revolutionized the way gaming events are approached by launching a new concept that created a greater connection with its community and offered a better experience for fans.

Traditionally, gaming events have been designed to attract as many attendees as possible, but with limited ability to measure and control results. Giants changed this with a closed booth that required fans to register on a gamified landing page to gain access.

Once inside, fans found six different areas, each activated by one of our sponsors. In order to access all areas and win the right to enter the final zone, where a trip to Japan for two could be won, fans were required to allow the use of their data by each of the booth sponsors. .

This new approach allowed Giants to better measure and control results, which translated into a higher return on investment for sponsors and justified increased investment in events. Ultimately, this resulted in a better experience for Giants fans and a higher level of connection between the club and its fan community.

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