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Giants break records in Fitchin with more than 2,000 active registrations on its blockchain-powered fan experience platform

One of the great challenges within the commercial possibilities that Giants offers its clients is to bring our audience to new technologies.

Fitchin is a web3 platform that offers a complete experience for users, ranging from participating in amateur tournaments to watching professional matches from the metaverse. The challenge for Giants was designing a controlled experience for fans and making sure they weren’t overwhelmed by accessing such new and complex technology.

To achieve this, Giants worked closely with Fitchin for several months to create a simple and engaging experience for users. They focused on amateur tournaments and a clear communication strategy for the community. In this way, it was possible to overcome the first barrier to entry to the platform and make fans feel comfortable and excited to participate.

The results have been spectacular, both for Giants and their customers. The club has managed to bring its audience to new technology and offer them a unique and innovative experience. Additionally, this action has once again demonstrated Giants’ ability to create effective and creative business solutions that meet the needs of its customers and its community.

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